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Marcia A. Stafford, based in the Atlanta metro area, Marcia has been encouraging and helping others identify and fulfill their dreams for more than 40 years. One of Marcia’s gifts is the ability to envision what could be, whether it’s a person or an old boarded up house. Even though the gift of interior design was always a passion, people’s needs always took precedence. Becoming an artist was never on her radar.  One morning during she and her husband Ed’s time together, she shared with him that she didn’t know what she was going to do with her extra time. She had just completed a project. Ed said a simple prayer that morning; “that Marcia would come home, rest, and paint”. She was taken aback with the prayer, but she never questioned him. Over the following weeks, she had a desire to purchase paint supplies. Marcia started painting what she felt and what she envisioned. Marcia says she is still in awe by the creative gift that God has so graciously bestowed upon her. She hopes that her creativity will not only be a piece of art on someone’s wall, but it will be an aspiration and inspiration to others. 

Marcia’s painting style is Abstract; her medium of choice is acrylic, preferably over wood canvas. 

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